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Marta La Croft

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Marta La Croft may have a name that sounds like Lara Croft, but the only tomb raiding going on here is all the guys doing a deep raid in her vaginal tomb. Marta has every right to be big and boastful, because this Mamasita boasts a pair of jugs so bountiful that you need max monitor resolution just to behold them in all their glory. Marta is a bigtit lovers idea of perfection. This girl searched far and wide and sought out the finest in jugenhancement professionals to give her the whackworthy rack she sports today. Those Ecup balloons are perfectly round and upright, and a lucky cock sliding between them will find the smoothest runway of cleavage to tit fuck. A true Spanish pornstar, Marta La Croft isnt from the colonies, but the Iberian homeland itself. Shes done plenty of smutty video work with studios all over Europe, from Scandinavia to Greece. Her fat tits, heaving tush, and cockhungry attitude make her a standout performer in every scene she shoots. Even when Marta is being sandwiched or spit roasted between a couple cocks, she still has the horny energy to handle them both with ease until their scrotes are shriveled and drained. Martas biggest dilemma in life is deciding whether she wants to get her payoff loads splattered across her tits, or if she wants to swallow down that milky goodness. Now thats a serious case of First World Problems.
Birthplace:Malaga, Spain
Height:5 ft 7 in 170 cm
Weight:123 lbs 56 kg