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The adorable Victoria Lawson has come a long way in life. In her own words, she was a prude until her early 20s. Now shes a cockcrazy slut willing to do anything in a porn scene to turn her fans on. Born and raised in smalltown Michigan in her high school years, she was an honors student, homecoming queen, homeless shelter volunteer, and loyal girlfriend to her teenage sweetheart. He was the first man she with, and the only sex that they had was in the missionary position. Once she broke up with him, her wild side came out to the extreme. While out partying with her gal pals, Victoria said she wanted to go wild and experience a sexual awakening. One of her friends jokingly suggested that she become a pornstar. That flip comment lodged itself into Victorias brain, and a few weeks later she found herself shooting a porno. She contacted a company online, and they flew her down to Florida for a blowjob and facial scene. The sheltered Victoria didnt even know what a facial was, but she had a blast finding out. That first scene changed her life, so she moved to L.A. to become a fulltime adult star. Victoria Lawson now has a few lifetimes worth of sexual experiences, and Pornhub has the video evidence below.
Birthplace:Michigan, United States of America
Height:5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Weight:110 lbs 50 kg