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Amy Anderssen

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Whether rocking platinum blonde or femmefatale brunette, there things that stand out about Amy Anderssen. Right boob, and left boob, and boy do those things put the pro in protrude. Imagine theres a small house party and everyone is waiting for the guest of honor. Finally, two massive tits walk into the room, and a few minutes later, Amy Anderssen follows them, bringing up the rear. You could gladly in smotherheaven between those magnanimous melons. You could eat a full course meal off the surface of those milk pups while Amy performs the best blowjob of your life. Amy hails from Canada, which is supposedly freaking freezing. This probably explains why Amy needs so much chest meat, to keep that cool Canadian heart warm, because Amy is also one hell of a sweetheart, proving that you can be a bombshell and a good person at the same time. If Canadians are always so friendly, its no wonder every guy and girl in porno world is lining up to get a chance to work with Amy and her two big associates. So Amy left snowy Canada and is now taking up residence in the Valley where she rightly belongs, and we hear the Canadian government might have to raise taxes to make up for all the heat that country lost when Amy packed up and moved south. Rightly, Canadians everywhere will gladly support their government as long as they have easy internet access to see Amy in action anytime.
Birthplace:Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Height:5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Weight:119 lbs 54 kg