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Alex Black is a pornstar from the Czech Republic. She has long brown hair that almost looks black. She decided to do porn at age 28not within the typical 1824 range. Shes a rather private person so we dont know what exactly led her to smut, but her fans applaud her decision. Now she has a slew of free porn movies involving anything from anal to interracial sex. Most pornstars save those activities for later on in their careers, but Alex just let them fly whenever she wanted to do them. A true slut who loves to have a good time, Alex is happy to do just that on camera while earning some extra cash. Alex is 54 tall and has an amazing pair of big 34D tits. Her waist is 27 inches, and her ass is 38 inches, so she obviously has the best types of curves in all the right places.Alex is the kind of girl who doesnt say much, but when the cameras turn on she lets that wild spirit fly. As long as theres a cock in front of her face she doesnt feel shy anymore. She only has one tattooa tribal design on her right legof which were unsure of the exact meaning, but it shows everyone that shes an adventurous chick who loves to have a good time. Alex is the next Eastern European pornstar of your dreams, and youll have a good time of your own by watching her in action.
Birthplace:Czech Republic
Height:5 ft 4 in 163 cm