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Katya Clover is a sexy pornstar from Russia. She doesnt speak much English, to the simultaneous delight and dismay of her fans. Theres something hot about a Euro babe who needs your help to get by in the world, but her fans would like to know what shes thinking without having to translate. She speaks a bit of English, but its hard for her to express herself sometimes. Luckily you dont really need to understand the same language to figure out what someone is talking about when it comes to sex. Katya looks so amazing on film with round rosy cheeks, beautiful blonde hair and an amazing body. Shes 5 feet 5 inches tall and has 34A tits, a 24inch waist and a 36inch ass. Shes basically the perfect woman!Katya got into porn because her boyfriend is a photographer and he took some nude pictures of her. Initially it was just a fun hobby but then she started doing bikini modeling and transitioned into erotica. This couple gets turned on knowing that Katya is a sex symbol for everyone, so it works for their relationship. She has learned a lot about herself sexually and otherwise in porn movies. Katya has only done solo films and lesbian movies thus far, probably because she wants to save her pussy for her boyfriend, but she loves what she has done so far and hopes to further her porno career. Katyas favorite part of shooting porn is interacting with the other female pornstars, who give her tons of orgasms!
Relationship status:Single
Interested in:Guys and Girls
City and Country:Planet Earth, RU
Career Status:Active
Career Start and End: to Present
Birth Place:Russia
Star Sign:Scorpio
Height:5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Weight:110 lbs 50 kg
Hair Color:Brunette
Fake Boobs:No
Interests and hobbies:Reading, cooking, highking, traveling
Videos Watched:34
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