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If the name Angelica Bella sounds Italian for Beautiful Angel to you, you just got an A in romance language translation. However, if you know it actually means Super Hot Fuck Slut, then you get an A and graduate Summa Cum Louder! Angelica Bella is a gorgeous Hungarian doll with a fire in her eyes and a yearning in her loins you can practically taste through your screen. Shes a jackedup super slut whose cock craving and snatch seeking have made her one of Europes most jerkedover babes. When Angelica is on the scene and the cameras start rolling, everyone in the room will instantly drool some presauce from their crotch holes. Though shes Hungarian, most of her work is shot in Italy, where shes known to stuff those flesh cannoli deep into her gaping butt tunnel. She puts the ass in fabulass before putting those monster cocks in her own ass. Loving every fuck flavor that comes from her own body, she loves to slurp shafts clean once theyve been in the inner depths of her ass canal. The only thing more satisfying than a big dick in the rump is two big dicks at the same time, especially when they both go into the same hole. Angelica can also handle fastaction fisting. Angelica has been a big hit since she started her career, even winning Best European Actress at the Hot dOr awards, so the next time you feel a tingle in your taint or twat, take a peek at her crowdpleasing clips here on Pornhub.
Birthplace:Tisalok, Hungary
Height:5 ft 7 in 170 cm
Weight:132 lbs 60 kg