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Ravenhaired actress, model and porn starlet Lilli Carati had the ravenous beauty of a classic Hollywood goddess. A sensation in Europe and in her home country of Italy, she successfully straddled the line between mainstream model, screen siren, and smut performer. If you are a lover of the classic pornos of the 70s and 80s, then Lilli is exactly who you need to watch. And if youre of the newer generation, dont let a little grainy film and some hairy muffs scare you off! Pornography didnt wink into existence in the year 2000, so school yourself and see that vintage smut still has plenty of hardcore action that you can pound one out to. Lilli was born 1956 in Varese, Lombardy, Italy, and began modelling in pageants as a teenager. She won the title of Miss Elegance at a beauty contest in Calabria, and she was first runnerup at Miss Italia contest of 1975. She worked as a fashion model but wanted a movie career. When she started in the films, she was open to nude scenes, and she graduated up to sex scenes, then all the way up to hardcore scenes. Lilli was always proud of her body and open with her sexuality and had no problem bringing it to the screen. She starred in dozens of movies, both pornos and mainstream movies that contained sex. Delight in the best of Lillis work in the videos below, and skip out on all the talking and setups of oldfashioned porn just get right to the fucking!