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You normally think of Czech models as being these soulless waifs with superskinny bodies and barely perceptible tits, right? Well, get your boobsloving Bohemian boner ready because this Czech slut has the womanly flesh and tit meat on her to feed Eastern Europe. Krystal Swift is no skinny Slavic slut shes an allnatural, bigboobed wonder whore. Krystals authentic tits are so comforting that she could ride naked and bareback all the way up to Siberia and keep warm by wrapping herself up in those jugs. They have such an amazing flop factor that porn crews have to set up their equipment a ways back when shes bouncing on a dick in crazy cowgirl formation, lest her tits knock over the lighting gear. When guys motorboat those beauties, they need a buddy with them to make sure they dont drown. Titfucking those heaving funbags is only worth watching if the male performers cock is as long as his leg, or else it just disappears. Krystal is extremely happy to have found herself in the best business in the world. Her appreciation shows with every loving blowjob she gives, every time she eagerly shoves her pussy and ass in a guys face, and with every heavy, sweating fuckthrust she reciprocates with her creamy hips. Its obvious in every scene that those dudes are happy to have her, as gushing and flowing ounces of gooey mansauce spill onto her face and all over her tits.
Birthplace:Prague, Czech Republic
Height:5 ft 5 in 165 cm
Weight:143 lbs 65 kg