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Bailey Brooke is a sexy blonde who started her porn career in 2016 when she was about 20 years old. In our opinion, its the perfect age to start doing porn, because you already have some life experience but are still hot and nubile enough to do all of the college coed porn shoots of your dreams. Bailey is from a small southern town in Virginia. She definitely didnt turn out to be a good downhome girl like the rest of her friends, but shes not complaining. With a body like hers, Bailey was pretty much destined for the porno biz. She stands 51tall and weighs 107 pounds. She has nice natural 32C breasts, a tiny 22 waist and a healthy 32 ass. Before she started in porn, Bailey was never very promiscuous and she only had sex with people that she was in a relationship with. However, shed always been into girls and her previous relationships frequently involved another girl that her and her boyfriend would fool around with in threesomes.She started camming before she got into the industry. People would always tell her that they would buy her flights and bring her out to L.A., but she never believed or trusted them, until a girl she used to do double shows with mentioned an agent to her. She contacted him and he bought her a ticket to L.A. the very next day! Bailey is a girl who knows what she likes. Shes into a bit of the rough stuff but not into face slapping or spitting. What she does like is intimacy and romance. She adds a bit of spice by making eye contact while fucking in her vids, and she does tough things like hairpulling and biting on the lips. Above all, Baileys just a romantic at heart, if you want to get down to the essence of who this hottie really is!
Relationship status:Single
Interested in:Guys and Girls
City and Country:Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Career Status:Active
Career Start and End: 2015 to Present
Birth Place:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Star Sign:Aquarius
Height:5 ft 2 in 157 cm
Weight:130 lbs 59 kg
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Green
Fake Boobs:No
Interests and hobbies:Hiking, Laying on the beach, Traveling the world, Having sex!
Turn Ons:A good sense of humor, Intelligence, selflessness and a kind heart.
Turn Offs:Bad hygiene, cockiness, and a short temper.
Videos Watched:94
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