jaye summers

Jaye Summers

Birthplace:United States of America
Height:5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Weight:115 lbs 52 kg

About jaye summers

Jaye Summers is a sexy little brunette thing who joined the porn business at the age of 20 in 2015. Part Native American, this beauty is 56 tall and weighs 114 pounds. Pair that with her 32B tits, 24inch waist and 32inch ass, and you have the beginnings of a bona fide pornstar. Shes originally from North Carolina but she didnt get the same goodgirl training like most Southern chicks. She went down to nearby Florida to start her porn career when she thought the time was right, but she didnt like the atmosphere there so she got an agent and started shooting for the top LA porn companies. Why would such a chick become a pornstar? On Twitter she proclaims that shes happier naked, which makes sense when you see her fucking in porn. With clothes on she seems quiet and shy, but when they come off she lets her freak flag fly. In an online interview, Jaye mentions that she loves to work with the pornstar Mick Blue because he makes her giggle when the camera is rolling and in between takes. Ever since starting in porn, Jaye made the important decision to save all of her sexual energy for her scenes so that she can perform at her absolute best. Even though she has a slew of fuck buddies she could call up to come over at any time of day or night, she abstains from that so shell be good and horny when the time comes to shoot her next porn scene.