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Cathy Heaven

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Cathy Heaven has had to have put in some overtime slut energy to stand out as a Hungarian mega babe above the hordes of wannabe dirty sluts from her home country. Her efforts have paid off in spades, and Cathy can now proudly boast more jackoff success stories than plenty of broads east of the former Iron Curtain. With her dark smoky eyes, huge smooth tits, and killer legs, Cathys body is an express ticket to boner heaven. Its not just her body that warrants our wealth of waddage, but the way she gets so nasty when doing the crotchslam dance. One of Cathys favorite quotes comes from fellow artsy perv, Woody Allen Is sex dirty? Only if its done right! Well, nobody does it better and dirtier than Cathy Heaven. Cathy does it all. She can play the innocent teen who gets seduced by the perverted old lecher. She can tear open her spandex pantyhose and allow whole fists to slide up inside her Slavic snatch hole. When she sucks a big dick, its like she can press her whole face right into a guys abdomen. Cathy also loves group activities. Sometimes she needs to have an extra twat around when fucking a dude so she can rinse the cock out of her mouth with a nice side of pussy juice. Other times, she needs two big dicks to pummel her simultaneously, making sure no hole gets undertreated.
Height:5 ft 5 in 165 cm
Weight:132 lbs 60 kg