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Carolina Sweets chose one heck of a good porn name for herself. She looks sweeter than sugar and her smile could melt your heart. Shes got long brown hair and a cute cartoon tattoo on her upper thigh that reinforces her college girl appeal. Carolina started doing porn when she was 20 years old in 2016. A total spinner, shes only 5 feet tall and weighs just 92 pounds soaking wet, so you could literally spin her round your dick like a feather! Like many modern pornstars, Carolina started with webcamming. She says shes totally vanilla but wants to truly explore her sexuality through porn, and shes really excited to try anal in particular! She got into camming because it was fun and the money was good. Realizing that she didnt have to get a regular job, she opted for a fun job instead, that would satisfy her pussy and also take care of her needs. Carolina has a husky voice that almost doesnt match her petite body, but its super sexy! She has that scratchy voice going on, so shed probably make a good phone sex operator. Carolina wants you to watch her porn because she gets off on having people watch her. Some people might not think thats vanilla, but thats what she likes. Carolina loves the attention that comes with being a pornstar. Help her cum harder by watching her free porn movies here on Pornhub!
Birthplace:United States of America
Height:5 ft 0 in 152 cm
Weight:97 lbs 44 kg